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February 12th 2016 

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 Can Form Manager Send HTML E-Mail?

 Yes, Form Manager supports both HTML & Plain Text emails to the recipient, and administrator. You can select HTML / Plain Text when creating or modifying a form. For HTML simply enter your HTML code/syntax in the body area of the email setup fo

 How do I get the required fields error to display?

 You need to place the following where you want the required field message to show up: <!-- template insert : $error$ -->

 Integrating Your Forms with Form Manager

 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps For Setting Up Your Forms------------------------------------------------------------------

 Sending e-Mails to Multiple Addresses

 If you're looking to have the administration emailed to more than one administratorl. Simply add extra email addresses after the first. Seperate the email addresses by a comma ","

 Question: Why on submit does it return to the Form Index?

 If on submission of a form it returns to the Form Index listing page its due to the $form_values$ variable reference not being entered under the <form action="$cgiurl" method="post"> tag. Insert $form_values$ under the form action tag, uploa

 SMTP Error When Program is to Send e-Mail

 If you receive this type of error: Can't call method "mail" on an undefined value at /your/server/path/forms/forms.cgi line ### Please update your SMTP server address. Usually using "localhost" will work. If not then try 1 of the 3: yourdomain

 How to Receive Entered Form Information In e-Mails

  Using the admin.cgi back-end of Form Manager use the "Create Form" link or "Modify" Link of a form currently setup. To receive data entered by a user you call the form name field by making it a variable. Example: name="email" would be called in

 How to Keep Form Data Entered & Selected

 Text Fields: <input type="text" name="field_name" value="$field_name$"> Radio Buttons: <input type="radio" name="radio_field" value="Yes" $radio_field_Yes_checked$> Radio Field Checkbox Field: <input type

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