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February 11th 2016 

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 Server Requirements for PHP Solutions

 PHP 4.3+ mySQL 3.23+ IonCube Loader Support (This category contains more information on IonCube)

 What / Who is Ioncube?

 ionCube is a PHP popular encoding system that allows developers and webmasters to: * Enable PHP software protection using license codes * Protect scripts from unauthorized changes that may go unnoticed indefinitely and be a serious security

 What are IonCube Loaders?

 The Loader is a .dll file or .so file (depending on the server's operating system) which PHP uses to decode scripts encoded with the ionCube Encoder. PHP has the ability to open .dll (or .so) files at the moment a script is run. The dl function in PHP is

 Run-Time Loading for IonCube Support

 The run-time loading method is the easiest way to run encoded files, and lets encoded files locate and install the correct Loader when needed. Provided that run-time loading is supported on the target system, encoded scripts and Loaders can be bundled

 How do I know if my Host supports IonCube Loaders?

 Your host most likely supports these loaders. We'll test for you before purchasing if you are not sure. You may also run the test scripts located in this section. Most web hosts have IonCube support or will quickly install them for you at requ

 Where to Download latest Loaders for your Server

 You can find the latest loaders for most server platforms at the following web address: http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php You can download the archive files or run their installer pro

 IonCube Helper / Test PHP Scripts

 You can test your server for IonCube loader support by downloading this .zip file. It contains two helper files to check your system. Click to Download Helper File

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